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Special features for Reel to Reel Machine
Our Reel To Reel Machine is equipped with following as optional features
  1. Auto-tensioning system
    - accommodate with varying of the drum size to cope with the varying tensional force that may
       happen in the line.
  2. Braking mechanism
    - hold the drum to avoid wire loosening.
  3. Connector break detection
    - detect and stop the unwinding process in case of connector breakage
  4. Connector speed monitoring
  5. Super low ripple plating current
  6. Convertible Vertical And Horizontal Coiling/Uncoiling System
    - Coiling and Uncoiling system is easily convert from Vertical to Horizontal and vice versa
  7. Buffering (accumulator)
    - ensure continuous production running with minimal production interruption
  8. Easy machine maintenance
  9. Inline/Offline Filtration System
  10. Dual Rinse system
  11. Contact design
  12. Computer Data-Monitoring system

  Typical Specification (Plating Process : Ni, Au & Sn)
Machine Performance
Maximum Machine Output MPH 2 x 600 Meter/Hour
Maximum Machine Speed M/Min 10.0
Accumulator Buffer Time Min 3.0
Machine Overall Dimension
Overall Length mm 53,500
Overall Width mm 1,250
Coiler/Uncoiler Protusion mm 1,000
Overall Height (Process Cell) mm 1,250
Overall Height (Control Panel) mm 2,250
Overall Height (Accumulator) mm 4,250
Product Specification
General Product Width mm 15 - 50
Minimum Product Thickness mm 0.25
Maximum Drum Diameter mm 700
Plating Specification
Ni Plating Au Plating Sn Plating
Plating Method   Immersion Control Depth Control Depth
Effective Plating Length mm 5 x 1000 5 x 500 6 x 600
Standard Current Density A/dm2 25.0 * 25.0 * 35.0 *
Standard Plating Thickness Micron 2.0 ~ 4.0 * 0.5 ~ 1.5 * 8.0 ~ 10.0 *
* for reference only
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